Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, the rain has not let up since yesterday and it is putting me in a mood. I suppose that I am lucky that I currently am not in New York City and that I am in Ohio. My train travel has been delayed for a day and I am wondering what the situation will be like when I return.

After speaking with a few friends in or near the city, it sounds like things are okay except for some power outages and flooding in some of the subways. They are trying to re-establish bus transportation tomorrow. My recommendation to anyone watching the news is not to believe any of it. Yahoo is the worst one I've seen, saying the damage is devastating. As far as I know, businesses are planning to re-open on Thursday and some of the drug stores are already open. When did journalism get so bad? I'm so tired of the negative press all the time. These companies should be ashamed of themselves,

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