Sunday, March 21, 2010

Etsy Goodie Goodies Team Egg Hunt!

Hello Everyone!
I am writing a post about the fabulous Etsy Goodie Goodies Team Egg Hunt. The goal of people participating in the egg hunt is to find all the hidden eggs in participating team members Etsy shops' listings. All members shops are listed on The winner of the egg hunt will win a really cool gift basket full of handmade goods made by participating team members.

The above is my contribution to the gift basket that will be received by the winner. He is a cute little Easter chick in a basket made from cotton acrylic blend yarn and handmade polymer clay eyes. He is stuffed with polyester fiberfill and is able to stand on his own.

Be sure to check out the above link to see the other team members contributions to the gift basket and if you have time, participate in the egg hunt and check out all the other team members fabulous Etsy shops!

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