Monday, March 8, 2010

Henrietta Hen

Meet Henrietta Hen! Henrietta is very excited that Easter is on the way. She loves nesting with the other Hens in the Hen House and talking about the latest celebrity gossip on the farm. Henrietta herself is a very proud and famous quilter who is known far and wide for her lovely and detailed quilting techniques. Henrietta is also a part of the Ladies of Laurettesville Farms church choir and enjoys singing gospel as well as jazz and spirituals.

Henrietta is very excited to meet you and would love for you to visit her at the Etsy shop at to learn more about her and her friends. Henrietta also gladly responds to any questions you may have about her background or her favorite things.

Henrietta says she is very pleased to meet you and hopes that you are as excited as she is that the Easter season is soon upon us.

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