Monday, April 26, 2010

Amigurumi Crochet Pirate Dog

So this is my newest creation Mad Max, the fierce and feisty pirate dog!

Max loves sailing the high seas in search of treasure! Max has traveled far and wide, including to the islands of Barbados, Easter Island, and even the Cape of Good Hope. He has seen many things on his journeys, including a great white whale, seas of sharks, and even come face to face with a giant squid.

When Max is not busy traveling around the world, he is busy learning to play the fiddle, writing music about his travels far and wide.

Max was lovingly crocheted using cotton acrylic blend yarn, and his eyes and vest were hand stenciled and cut from acrylic felt.

Max is very excited to meet you and hopes that you will join him on a journey across the high seas to meet with many new and exciting adventures!

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