Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crochet Amigurumi Ninja Bear

Hi everyone! This will be a short post since I am quite tired, but I wanted to introduce you to my latest amigurumi creation. He is a little Ninja bear (well, 9" little) and his name is Alfonso. He is a very clever ninja with years of experience training in all forms of martial arts and uses his ninja powers for good deeds far and wide.

In his spare time, Alphonso is a big fan of adventure sports such as kayaking and white water rafting as well as surfing and water skiing.

At the present moment Alfonso is trying to figure out how to do his taxes, so he apologizes that he cannot spend more time chatting but if you would like to ask him a question, please feel free to write him a note in the comments line and he promises to make a quick reply.

Also feel free to learn more about Alfonso and visit him at and have a great day!

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