Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taking small steps to reach your creative goals

Last week I talked about thinking bigger in terms of our art and life. As such, this week lent me to thinking about giving ourselves praise for the small, everyday accomplishments that may often seem to go unnoticed. As artists our work needs an audience. However, very often we find ourselves at points in our career where we lack an audience or a community in which to share, nurture, and develop our creative work. We could call this a creative dry season, when we are wondering when our work will flower and be acknowledged by the larger community.

I have struggled during many creative dry seasons, searching for a community and friends to acknowledge my work and achievements. And the ironic thing is, the more desperate I am to find acknowledgement, the more I seem to alienate those that may take interest in what I am doing. It is during these dry periods that we need to congratulate ourselves for the small, daily steps we take to nurture our artistic life, whether it be a first draft, a first note, a first step, or for me, the first stitch.

My goal for this week is to do one small creative action that will take me closer to my creative goals (which include better developing this blog, creating my own knitting patterns, and getting certified by the craft yarn council.) Feel free to share with me any small victories of you own this week, and have a creatively abundant week!

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