Monday, February 20, 2012

Knitting Fair Isle; Making Peace with the day

My fair isle cowl was horribly neglected this past week. I was able to knit some on Friday at Starbucks, but that was the total amount of my knitting accomplished this week. Why is it so challenging to find time to sit and be still?

While talking to a friend on Sunday, I revealed that the only time I really felt calm was when I was a student  on the islands in Greece. There was no media, no billboards, only the sound of Aegean Sea rolling in and out and the smell of gyros from the local kebab shop.

This week at school, the students had to read a fable called the Fisherman and the Businessman. It describes a Mexican fisherman and an American businessman, their meeting on an island, and a look at what each person finds important in life.

I am trying to be like the fisherman, but it is an ongoing challenge in our ever complicated and media driven society to pull away and find the voice within. This week I will try harder to slow down, breathe and make peace with what each day brings.

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