Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Fair Isle Story Continues...

So I am about half finished with my fair isle cowl. The stitches are working up nicer since I stopped pulling the second color of yarn behind every front stitch of the first color. I realized after a while that this makes the stitches lumpy and uneven.

My next goal after I finish the fair isle is to knit this blissful blue top from the lion brand site. Only I will knit it in beige. I need a feminine top for work this coming spring and to improve my experience working with lace as well.;utm_medium=Emails;utm_campaign=Weeklynewsletter;utm_content=P-BlissfulBlueTop

Aside from that, there is not much new right now. In fact, to be honest, I really don't even know what to write. I will try to post images of my cowl in the next few days and hopefully that will make up for my temporary lack of inspiration with the written word.

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